Veerah: Designer Vegan Shoes Crafted with Plant-Based Leather and Algae Foam

Most vegan shoes today are made with harmful materials, like polyurethane (PU) and PVC, that tend to do more harm than good. But Veerah is an amazing brand that is changing that by creating beautiful shoes and accessories made from plant-based leather and other innovative leather alternatives. Veerah, whose tagline is appropriately “Do good + look incredible,” is delivering responsibly made shoes with designer-level quality and style. They have such a cool story, not to mention incredible shoes!

Veerah’s Brand Mission

The idea behind Veerah was formulated in 2014, when founder Stacey Chang was struggling to find designer vegan shoes that matched her ethics and design standards. This led her down a rabbit hole, studying shoemaking construction in Italy and investigating manufacturing and sourcing companies that could meet her vision. Finally, in 2016, Veerah launched when Chang was able to partner with suppliers who aligned with her design and ethics requirements – the same ethics and craftsmanship that we see in the brand today.

Created with mega-tasking and eco-conscious women in mind, Veerah is named after the Sanskrit word veerabhrasana, which is used in yoga to describe warrior pose. Veerah’s shoes connect you with your inner eco spirit through styles that are expertly crafted to offer versatility without the fashion footprint.

Made for bold, fearless, and fierce women, Veerah shoes are:

  • PETA Approved Vegan
  • Versatile, with removable accessories so that you get multiple looks from one shoe
  • Designed for luxury in both appearance and comfort

Veerah also proudly shares their 1-10-100 battle plan. At least 1% of revenue goes to social impact causes, employees get 10 paid hours each quarter to volunteer or take self-improvement courses, and for every 100 customer feedback surveys received, Veerah sponsors a 1-year scholarship for a girl scholar.

Materials at Veerah

Veerah recognizes that we slaughter a billion animals each year for leather, and chromium used for tanning leather is the fourth-worst pollutant in the world. They also recognize that making shoes from new PVC is no better for the environment.

Instead, they use:

  • Apple peel skin leather made from organic apples grown in the Italian Alps.
  • Water-based vegan leather, which skips the toxic chemicals typically used in making PU leather and cuts down on energy consumption by 55% and water consumption by 95%.
  • Renewed plastic bottle fabric that gives new life to 5 to 9 plastic bottles for each pair of shoes.
  • 100% organic cotton lining or microfiber lining.
  • Algae insole that’s sustainable, breathable, and antimicrobial.
  • Bio-based memory foam that replaces 20%-50% of petroleum with castor beans to reduce carbon footprint.

Sustainability Efforts

Apart from the impressive list of thoughtful materials Veerah employs in their shoes, they also make huge strides for sustainability elsewhere. They’ve used the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals as a blueprint to guide their actions, centering around three key goals.

Responsible consumption and production: Use smart design and responsible manufacturing to maximize fashion while minimizing the footprint. Pay fair wages, increase education for workers, and reduce waste in upstream facilities.

Life below water: Use sustainable sourcing to avoid plastic bags and use recycled plastic bottles in product and packaging

Life on land: Make shoes that are 100% cruelty-free and vegan while also using innovative designs and materials to protect the animals and people on land.

Let’s Get Some Shoes!

Veerah carries all things shoes – from the shoes themselves to shoe accessories.

Flats, pumps, sandals, boots, bridal – name an occasion and Veerah has a shoe for it. From everyday flats that are perfect for the office to special occasion pumps, there are many gorgeous options in a range of colors and materials. From patent leather to suede, there’s a style for every outfit.

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