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Strategic Planning, Monitoring, & Reporting
Market Research
Sourcing & Supply Chain
Marketing & PR
Creative Production

Biomimicry Research & Design
Product Development
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Tourism & Hospitality
Carbon Removal
Blockchain & Cryptocurrencies
Agriculture & Aquaculture

Real Estate
Marine Infrastructure
Renewable Energy
Event Production
Film & Television
Food & Beverage
and more…

Master’s in Sustainability

Certification in
Biomimicry Design

Nobody compares to Laurel with regard to professionalism, honesty, reliability,
and being a source of calm and clarity in difficult situations.

Most crucial to me is that she has the integrity to be honest in difficult situations caused by others when it would be safer for her professionally to remain quiet and avoid the issue. I value that tremendously and rarely see it in others. I can rely on her.
Joe Quirk
President, The Seasteading Institute

Past and Current Clients and Collaborators


I have landed my clients and projects features in major media outlets, including:

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