I’m Laurel, I speak for the trees.


When it comes to sustainability and climate change, I’m a huge believer in ‘less talk, more action’.

So why do I speak at events?

In my conversations with clients, friends, and family, I often hear that with the overwhelming amount of information and misinformation out there, it’s difficult to pick out what’s important and create a clear personal or business action plan.

I’m here to provide that clarity so we can all take the most impactful steps towards a thriving future.
Seasteading Meetup

Building offshore kelp cultivation structures for carbon removal
Hosted by The Seasteading Institute

MASUST Colloquia

Building semi-autonomous vessels for carbon removal in the high seas
Hosted by Hawaii Pacific University

MASUST Colloquia

Comparing the sustainability of bovine leather vs. plant-based leather alternatives
Hosted by Hawaii Pacific University

SEED Berkeley

Sustainable environmental design in the high seas
Hosted by UC Berkeley

CCA Architecture

Judging panel for floating community designs
Hosted by California College of the Arts

Sound of the Earth Fest

Ocean Based Carbon Removal
At the Troubador Los Angeles

Select Interviews & Features

Mission Matters Podcast

Why Sustainability is Good for the Bottom Line

As your keynote speaker, Laurel can deliver talks on a broad range of topics surrounding sustainability, including:

  • Biomimicry and nature-inspired design
  • The emerging carbon removal industry and ocean-based solutions
  • Why sustainability is good for the bottom line
  • How to promote your company’s sustainability efforts without greenwashing
  • The future of sustainable fashion
  • Building floating cities to reach the UN SDGs
  • Can blockchain and crypto be good for the planet?
  • Investing in climate solutions
  • And more

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