Walking the SF Fashion Week Runway with Goodwill and 10 Tips for Thrift Shopping

Last night I had the pleasure of walking the runway at San Francisco Fashion Week! Vintage and thrift style extraordinaires Double Minted teamed up with SF Goodwill to showcase how thrifting is a great way to dress more sustainably. The show was held at WeWork as part of Eco Fashion Week SF.

Although I love perusing curated vintage stores, I often avoid thrift shopping because I get so overwhelmed by all the choices in the store and I can waste a lot of time searching through all the racks. Brittany and Devon, (the twin sisters behind Double Minted,) gave me some great tips to make thrift shopping more fun and productive. My favorite tip was to put together a mood board before you shop, print it out and bring it with you. That way you’ll narrow down what you’re looking for, have some ideas of how to style unique pieces you might find, and keep your eyes on the prize!

For the runway show we wanted to wear a lot of neutral and warm colors, and we focused  on color blocking. After trying on a bunch of different outfits, I ultimately chose a pair of Forever 21 pants, a J. Jill sweater top, and a vintage patterned sweater jacket that had a similar print to the pants, making for a fun complement.

Local jewelry designer WizAmulets accessorized our looks with her living eco pieces, which are made with real air plants.

This was my first runway show, and I had such a blast! It made me nostalgic for all the years I spent backstage and on set for theatre and film productions.

Happy Thrifting!




1. Bring a mood board

2. Dress comfortably in basics that will pair well with your findings

3. Give yourself plenty of time

4. Search outside your size rack

5. Seek out high quality fabrics

6. Be patient and persistent

7. Thrift outside your own neighborhood

8. If it has a plastic zipper, it probably isn’t vintage

9. Don’t pass up on a great item just because it’s out of season

10. Don’t play it safe. Life is too short to wear boring clothes!

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