Rafting the Wondrous Grand Canyon With Western River Expeditions

A peaceful breeze, beneath infinite stars a fire crackles.

Far from the lights of the city, time loses its grasp on your consciousness.

Yesterday’s worries dwindle, all you need is the river and the sky.

An incredible way to experience the wonders of the Grand Canyon is to venture along the inside on foot or on water. If you’re looking to plan your next family summer vacation or are in need of a digital detox, consider a rafting trip with Western River Expeditions. From the breathtaking helicopter ride down into the canyon, to the thrill of the rapids and a refreshing swim during the hot day, to making new friends around the campfire each evening, this is the trip of a lifetime.

Western River Expeditions offers three to seven day trips in the Grand Canyon, Oregon, Idaho, Utah, and Costa Rica. They provide all your camping gear and meals, and an incredible experience from beginning to end.

The guides are fun, attentive, and incredibly knowledgeable about the area. The company takes care to leave no trace on the land by making sure nothing is left behind.

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The Details

Western River Expeditions

Location: Grand Canyon, Arizona

Accommodation: Camping (gear provided)

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