PORTRAIT Eyewear: Italian-Made Sunglasses That Fuse Art, Fashion, and Sustainability

Italian-made products have a reputation for their impeccable quality. Portrait Eyewear’s stylish selection of optical and sunglasses are no exception. This innovative brand brings together traditional Italian craftsmanship and cutting-edge style with sustainability in mind. They use high quality, renewable materials to create art-inspired designs that are built to last, making them one of my favorite fashion brands.

In a sea of mass-produced eyewear that’s designed to be disposable, Portrait Eyewear is taking a stance against fast fashion. Their retro-inspired designs are incredibly cool and come with an inspiring back story.

Portrait Eyewear’s Brand Mission

Founded by siblings Valentina and Gabriel Hernandez, Portrait Eyewear was created from a passion for vintage eyewear and a respect for traditional Italian craftsmanship. As designers and art lovers they wanted to make chic contemporary eyewear, but they also wanted to build a brand that had a positive impact on the world. That’s why the principles of sustainability and social responsibility are so important to Portrait.

Portrait Eyewear preserves Italian craftsmanship while using high-tech manufacturing methods. It’s kind of like a fashion fusion brand: they blend fashion and art, old traditions and new technologies. Their eyewear is inspired by art history movements and iconic figures in the industry including painters, musicians, film makers, innovators, and artists. The brand loves to support local industries, and often has collaborations with emerging artists.

Italian Craftsmanship

When Portrait was created, Valentina was living in the eyewear manufacturing capital of the world: Valdobbiadene, Italy. It’s a region renowned for its high quality craftsmanship and delicious Prosecco. Inspired by the skilled artisans of the region, it was a no-brainer for the siblings to choose local manufacturers. That’s why every Portrait product is handmade in Italy by genuine artisans to ensure the highest quality standards.

Materials that Portrait Eyewear Uses

Portrait are committed to using high quality materials that are made to last. The brand combats the disposable nature of fast fashion with renewable resources. Rather than using the petroleum-based plastics that are so often found in cheap eyewear, they use the following materials:

  • Acetate: Made of cellulose that comes from wood pulp, this sturdy material is a popular choice for Portrait frames.
  • Stainless & Galvanized Steel: It’s durable and can be recycled an infinite amount of times without losing its quality. Steel is also environmentally-safe because it doesn’t release toxins or harmful substances into water or soil, and it’s resistant to fire and corrosion. Portrait often use stainless or galvanized steel in the temples of their eyewear.
  • Titanium: Aside from having an exceptional level of durability, titanium is also 100% recyclable! Titanium frames are some of the best on the eyewear market due to their lightweight nature and great quality.

Portrait Eyewear also uses sustainable packaging made out of glue-free FSC recycled cardboard. The material even won a German Design Award for sustainability!

Ethical Supply Chain

Gabriel and Valentina believe there is no innovation without sustainability. Having a fair-trade supply chain is key to their business. Keeping their manufacturing local preserves a historical knowledge of craftsmanship, boosts the economy, and reduces their carbon footprint, as goods don’t have to be shipped all over the world during production.

Just being local isn’t enough to be part of the Portrait Eyewear supply chain. The brand works with factories that use energy-efficient policies and pay their workers fair wages. They partner with suppliers that share their vision for happy and safe work environments, as they believe artisans who are treated with respect and dignity keep the tradition alive. 

Shop for Shades

Portrait Eyewear’s selection of bold and stylish designs will make any outfit pop!

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