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Plastic is where? Underwear and everywhere!

Most underwear is made from polyester. This common synthetic plastic is terrible for the environment for a number of reasons, but let’s start with the science: polyester is made from polyethylene terephthalate, which is essentially PET plastic, woven into fabric. This material is made from the chemicals ethylene glycol and terephthalic acid, which are made from coal, air, water, and petroleum. These fossil fuels, as we know, release incredibly harmful pollution into the atmosphere when they’re burned.

On top of that, the polyester can’t be recycled and isn’t biodegradable. This means that every year, tons upon tons of polyester underwear is added to landfills, where it will sit for hundreds of years emitting pollutants, or be burned and release dangerous chemicals.

Not only does it have a damaging environmental impact, but it’s also bad for you.

According to a study in the European Journal of Obstetrics & Gynecology and Reproductive Biology that looked into underwear and health, “one of the factors associated with vaginal yeast infections is wearing underwear made from synthetic fabrics, which doesn’t ‘breathe’ and thus keeps the genital area warm and moist, perfect conditions for the growth of yeast.”

If you don’t like the sound of that, WebMD advises that you should “Wear breathable underwear. Cotton is your best choice. It doesn’t hold onto heat or moisture. It will help keep you dry.”

So, switching to plastic-free underwear is better all around.

Unfortunately, there are a lot of underwear brands that market themselves as “eco-friendly”, but their products still contain plastic, because they use elastane in the elastic band to keep the underwear tight. It’s somewhat of a challenge to replace this plastic with something better, but it is possible to use only natural fibers and organic materials, and some brands are proving it.

Similarly, you should be aware of brands that advertise their underwear as eco-friendly because their garments are made from recycled plastics. I personally don’t believe that recycled plastic should be used in clothing when it could be put into products that have a long-term use and that don’t touch our bodies.

Thankfully, there are some high quality options out there from organic underwear brands that are far more environmentally-friendly, and totally plastic-free.

These range from zero plastic (like the first four entries on this list), to using recycled plastics in a way which is as sustainable as possible.

If you’re in the market for new eco-friendly underwear to go with your sustainable style, here are my picks of the best sustainable underwear brands.

Here are my 6 favorite eco-friendly and plastic free underwear brands!

1. Rawganique

Rawganique’s underwear is naturally organic, which is better for the planet and for your body. Its wide product range of different styles are made from natural fibres and are simple and understated, which make them perfect everyday undies. 

This underwear is made in the USA from 100% organic cotton and hemp fabric, which are naturally breathable fabrics that don’t retain moisture or odors. Plus, this fabric is also not processed with harsh chemicals and doesn’t contain synthetic materials, which makes it kind to even the most sensitive of skin, in your most delicate areas. Go for the brand’s elastic-free 100% organic cotton boy shorts for a super comfortable daily option that is also proudly plastic-free.

Check out Rawganique

2. Cottonique: Allergy-free and Plastic-free Underwear

Made from 100% natural cotton, the brand’s drawstring boxer shorts and drawstring boxer briefs have a non-elastic waist, with an adjustable 100% cotton braided drawstring, for a perfect fit and zero latex, spandex, or plastic involved.

I’m a big fan of the natural colors of the designs, too – their neutral tones are perfect to ensure your underwear will go unseen under your clothes, while also keeping them free from any harsh color chemicals or synthetics. Plus, it makes the designs elegant and timeless.

Check out Cottonique drawstring brief and boxer shorts

3. The Very Good Bra: Compostable Undies

These all-purpose everyday undies do use elastic in the waist for a comfortable fit, but in this case, it’s sustainable: the elastic and sewing threads used in them are Cradle 2 Cradle gold certified, and the labeling is pad-print using OEKO TEX inks. This all means that they’re fully compostable and will actually break down in nature, so you can enjoy them without worrying about contributing to landfill later down the line.

Check out the Very Good Bra

4. BEWUSST Hempwear: 100% Hemp Underwear

Hailing from Germany, these undies are made from all-natural hemp fibres, which are totally undyed and vegan in their production. Plus, they’re still designed to have a great, stretchy fit, thanks to their natural rubber waistband. Hemp has the added natural benefits of being soft on the skin, keeping skin cool even in summer, and taking moisture away from the skin – which makes these a great option to wear during sports, too. The brand makes panties and boxers in many great colors.

Check out BEWUSST panties and boxers

5. Lara Intimates: Made From Fabric Offcuts

This innovative brand makes cute lingerie from fabric deadstock and offcuts – which saves it from going to landfill and contributing to the tons of wastage which would otherwise be created by it. Not only is it sustainable, but it’s full of showstopping lingerie designs: think bright colored underwear, in a range of sexy mesh designs and cuts that will have you feeling your best self. We also love that its available in a wide range of sizes, with designs in UK sizes 6 through to 16.

Check out Lara Intimates

6. Juliemay Lingerie

One of the most comfortable ethical underwear sets I own is from Juliemay lingerie. Juliemay’s products are made from organic cotton and 100% pure silk, and they are free from synthetics, nickel, and harsh chemicals. For those with allergies and sensitive skin, Juliemay takes great care to make products that won’t cause any irritation. The brand also supports impactful sustainability projects like reforestation and reducing ocean plastic.

I have the back support wireless silk bra and it is so beautifully made!

Check out Juliemay Lingerie

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