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As Co-Founder of Pull To Refresh, Laurel helped to develop a team of international volunteers who worked together to design an ocean-based carbon removal solution and deploy two prototypes in under a year. She also established working relationships with carbon removal marketplaces and carbon credit brokers, and launched a B2C subscription service. Laurel helped to establish the company’s presence in the industry by successfully reaching out to industry-focused media, resulting in featured stories in MIT Tech Review and How Stuff Works.

To demonstrate the company’s product, Laurel and the Pull To Refresh team built and tested a prototype solar-powered, semi-autonomous vessel from the ground up. She also executed research experiments for cultivating macroalgae in the open ocean, and brought in expert verifiers to observe and assess key component demonstrations.

In addition, Laurel researched relevant compliance issues, consulted with lawyers about the International Law of the Sea, and secured an invitation to join the Carbon Business Council as a founding member. She grew a team of 7 blog writers to generate educational and brand content for Pull To Refresh. She also designed and built the company website, and created brand guidelines to ensure that the company had a cohesive and consistent look and feel.

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