Laurel wearing Dwimmer neckwear


Laurel founded a fashion brand that aimed to empower all genders by reinventing a classic symbol of masculinity through handcrafted neckwear. From concept to creation, she led production and managed product research, branding, textile design, sourcing, packaging, and filed a utility patent application.

To generate awareness, she used organic digital marketing strategies, produced four branded events, five photoshoots, and one fashion film. The Dwimmer team also created an IoT interactivity with QR codes and a Ruby on Rails database, offering customers a private brand portal that delivered exclusive content, invites, discounts, and perks via synergistic partnerships.

The brand gained 10,000+ social media followers in two years and reached 1M viewers through an influencer campaign. The neckwear was included in GQ UK and the Dwimmer team made custom neckwear for the premiere of NBC’s hit show Queen of the South.

Laurel is proud to have created a powerful platform for gender equality and quality craftsmanship.

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