“The Best Investment
on Earth is Earth.”


As an investor and advisor, my goal is to

foster the regeneration of our economies, societies, and biosphere.

My Business Investments

Individual Investments

Steward Regenerative Farms
Project Ark NFTs for conservation

My Advisory Roles

Future Thinkers Village

Co-Founder Pull To Refresh Team

In February 2021 I co-founded Pull To Refresh, a climate technology team developing unmanned, renewable vessels to gather, grow, and sink macroalgae in the high seas to remove CO2 from the atmosphere. I manage our team’s business development, sales, marketing, and my favorite part is getting my hand’s dirty and feet wet building and testing our prototypes.

Check out the project here

Entrepreneur and Executive

Dwimmer Neckwear
Little Spoon Desserts
Co-Founder & Vice President
City Chain
Head of Marketing
Blue Frontiers
Head of Marketing
Varyon Cryptocurrency
Head of Marketing

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