12 Ethical Gifts that Help the Environment

I love giving friends and family ethical and sustainably made gifts, but I also love finding gifts that help the environment! There are lots of fun gifts for any occasion that give back to the planet, whether through a donation or work that the brand does, or through the way the product is made. No matter if you are planning on gifting new office supplies, fun kitchen accessories, or even sunglasses, you can buy gifts that help the environment! 

I’ve rounded up some of my favorite gifts that help the environment. I hope this gift guide helps you find the perfect gift for everyone on your list.



Here’s my guide to gifts that help the environment!

Conscious Step Socks

These socks are so cozy and make the perfect gift. 

These socks from Conscious Step come in individual pairs or sets of three and you get to choose which cause you want to help. Whether it is the ocean, the rainforest, or orangutan preservation, a purchase of these socks will send funds to relief efforts.  

What I love about them is the pattern on the socks represents the cause you choose, whether it’s cute koala bears or trees!

Check out the socks and get 20% off using code LAUREL20

Ocean Cleanup Sunglasses

A stylish gift that helps our oceans? Yes please! These 2 tone navy blue sunglasses are one of the best ways to show your love and help out the planet.

The Ocean Cleanup has made these sunglasses to be the best way to help solve a massive problem. This is the first ever product created with 100% plastic found in the great pacific garbage patch. 

Even better? The proceeds completely return to the continuation of the cleanup. In fact, each purchase will clean up an estimated 24 football fields of waste. From pollution to product, these sunglasses are here to help fix the pollution of yesterday into the solution of today. 

Check out the sunglasses

Clean Origin Diamonds

Ever since I learned about the unethical mining of diamonds around the world, I have had an issue with them. Not only is it extremely dangerous, but it is horrible for the environment. 

Still though- I love a good diamond, which is why Clean Origin diamonds are the only way to go. 

These diamonds are grown in a lab and cultivated in a manner that is safe and eco-friendly. What makes this a luxury eco friendly gift? They are 100% as real as any other diamond. 

How cool is that?

No matter what sort of jewelry you are hoping to give, this company can help you make the most beautiful accessories for that special someone.

Check out the diamonds

Endangered Species Chocolate

What is a gift guide without some quality chocolate on it? Especially during times of celebration, everyone needs a little sweetness- so why not purchase some that gives back to the planet? 

That’s why I always buy Endangered Species Chocolate

The chocolate from this company is always vegan, gluten free, and donates a portion of their profits to support conservation efforts protecting wildlife and their habitats. This year, their partners are the National Forest Foundation and the Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund International.  

Order from Amazon and receive 12 bars of any of their yummy flavors- my favorite is a tie between smooth and creamy oat milk chocolate and caramel sea salt and dark chocolate.

Check out the chocolate

Wildflower Seed Bomb Kit

If you have been around here for awhile, then you know how much I love a good Seed Bomb. They just make gardening so easy! 

This kit from Free Mountain Designs has amazing reviews and is the most adorable gift for a coworker, a teacher, or even the mailman. 

The seed bombs come with hundreds of high quality wildflower seeds in the ‘bomb’ then, on a walk or in your own garden, you drop them and they will plant themselves. In a few weeks, return and there is a beautiful garden for bumblebees, butterflies, and hummingbirds to enjoy.

Check out the seed bomb kit

Plantable Pencil

I am obsessed with these pencils. If you are on my holiday gift list as well as a writer, student, journaler, note taker, or something else that requires a pencil from time to time, then chances are you are receiving this gift from me. 

You can get the pencils as colored pencils or the typical granite in kits of 8 and use them as long as you’d like. Then, when you are ready, you can plant them! 

Each pencil comes with different seeds to help you grow a variety of plants. From basil to daisies to cherry tomatoes, this gift is one that keeps on giving.

Check out the pencil

Biodegradable Hair Ties

If you know one of the billion people on the planet that requires the use of a hair tie, then this gift needs to be on your list. Not only is it designed to be one of the strongest hair ties on the market for athletes and thick hair, but it is made sustainably to protect the planet. 

Made from organic cotton, this hair tie is plastic free and 100% biodegradable. 

Do yourself a favor and pick up some for yourself as well. You won’t regret it!

Check out the hair ties

Reusable Straws

As more and more people are becoming aware of the harm that single-use straws are causing our planet, reusable straws are becoming more common. This leaves the question- why not get the most adorable ones that you can find?

These rainbow reusable straws are so fun and a great gift for almost anyone looking to be more eco-friendly.

This kit comes with rainbow straws in different sizes (to help with the thickness of your drink), a straw cleaner, and a travel bag so that you can have your straws wherever you go.

Check out the reusable straws

Dryer Balls

One of my favorite eco-friendly gifts that help the environment is a high quality dryer ball. Since everyone has to do laundry at some point, why not give them something like this koala wool dryer ball from Eco Girl? 

Not only is it so adorable, but this particular gift has so many benefits for the home and planet earth!

For one, it will reduce drying time up to 40%. For another, it is the perfect replacement for fabric sheets- it does everything that they do without the harsh chemicals and one time use. 

This ethically sourced Koala Dryer ball comes in compostable packaging and comes in a set of 6.

Check out the dryer balls

Almond Cow

I finally got an Almond Cow after dreaming about having one for months, and I can’t believe I waited so long! I use it every day and I absolutely love all the recipes that they send me to try.

The Almond Cow is an amazing gift that helps the environment and is just plain fun. Use any nut, grain, or seed to create homemade plant-based milk in minutes. 

Not only does making your own milk eliminate the use of plastic containers from the store, it also eliminates the use of unhealthy ingredients, and plant milk is much better for the planet than dairy milk.

What makes this my favorite machine to make your own milk? There is no mess! No straining! And you also get to use the pulp for baking and all sorts of other delicious recipes.

Check out the almond cow and get $10 off using this link!

Grass Pen

If you know anyone who journals, goes to school, or makes a grocery list, then this gift has to go on your list! This grass pen is an amazing present that helps the environment. 

Made of natural field grass and recyclable non-BPA plastics, this grass pen is awesome. My favorite part is that the quality is there- they spent over 6 months designing this pen to be the best on the market. 

The Natural Pen Factory truly lives a sustainable mission. With a resource efficient closed loop manufacturing process, this factory creates zero waste or wastewater.

Check out the grass pen and get 10% off using code LAURELCHRISTINE10

Stone Paper Notebook

Check out this first climate positive notebook made of stone! This notebook is truly one of a kind and is very high quality. 

If you know anyone traveling this next year, this notebook is the perfect gift to help them document their journey. The pages are wrinkle free, tear resistant, and waterproof- perfect for throwing in your backpack and go adventuring. 

It comes in several colors and you can add a personalized logo as well!

Check out the notebook and get 10% off using code LAURELCHRISTINE10

There are countless ways to give gifts that help the environment! I hope this gift guide gave you inspiration for giving to both the ones you love and to the planet.

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