14 Electric Boats to Fuel Your Eco Aquatic Lifestyle

While working on designs and marketing for future floating cities with Blue Frontiers and my other clients, I always love to envision what a day in the life of a resident might look like. What will people eat, what sorts of physical and social activities will they engage in, how will they get around? And how can we create the most sustainable and elegant experience possible?

One way I imagine floating city residents will travel to and from shore is on electric boats, jetskis, and other vehicles. I’m very excited about the stunning new electric boat designs being built all over the world. There are already over 100 manufacturers of electric boats and ships, according to a recent IDTechEx report. The report predicts the market for hybrid and pure electric non-military vessels will hit over US$20 billion by 2027. Some of them aren’t yet available, but I look forward to seeing a major shift towards electric boat ownership in coming years.

Here are some of the newest, most unique and sustainably designed electric boats!



14 Electric Boats to Fuel Your Eco Aquatic Lifestyle

1. Zebra Boat by Dimitri BEZ

Designed by a French designer, this is a sleek and simple electric boat design inspired by the classic wooden American yacht. The Zebra Boat design is perfect for classic boat lovers who want to prioritize sustainability. Silent navigation will make for a newly profound experience of the water. Between 6 and 8 people fit in the “habitat zone” of the boat, which is divided into 2 areas. This boat is perfect for luxurious excursions into the future abyss. 

2. Vita Yachts

The goal of Vita Yachts is to create stunning and iconic electric boats that are fun for seaside adventures but also environmentally sustainable. They combine timeless design with innovative technology. You can enjoy the power of the twin 200 bhp water jet drives that are powered by this boat’s propulsion system, which offers a cruising speed of 25 knots and a sprint speed of about 40 knots.

3. Rand Electric Boat Series

The Rand Electric Boat series provides many options so you can find the perfect size electric boat for your needs and lifestyle. The environmentally friendly boats offer optimal maneuverability for those looking for a smooth ride on the water. With a nearly silent motor and no emissions, you can enjoy the water while reducing your carbon footprint.

4. Hinckley Dasher

Hinckley has been around since 1928, creating beautiful and innovative yachts. Adding innovation to timeless designs, they have become a leading name in yacht building. The Dasher is the first electric boat from Hinckley. The motor is silent but powerful. The boat is powered by dual BMW i3 lithium-ion batteries, designed specifically for efficient cooling and exceptional shock resistance. There are 50amp dual charging cables, which makes charging the boat a quick and efficient process. If you want an eco-friendly choice that is quiet and offers a smooth ride, the Dasher is a great choice.

5. Aquawatt 848

Aquawatt is another company that has become well-known for its innovation. They have high standards for their yachts, and the Aquawatt 848 is no exception. Not only is this sleek boat 100% free from oil and exhaust emissions, but it is also practically silent. You’ll enjoy a smooth ride with a top speed of 22 knots. It is a lightweight motoryacht offering low friction, making for an incredible ride. 

6. Convert or Build Your Own Electric Boat

Have a boat you want to convert to electric? Or maybe you want to build your own electric boat. New Electric Marine and Elco electric propulsion provide all the necessary parts to customize your boat. 

7. Sailboats and Kayaks

Do you need more power for your sailboat or kayak? By using the Torqeedo electric motor or the Oceanvolt electric propulsion system, you can transform your current sea vessel into a powerful and environmentally responsible choice. These can help you upgrade from the traditional diesel system to something that offers power and peace of mind.

8. X Shore

X Shore is a newer company that has dedicated its business to sustainability and innovation, creating a product that is designed to have a minimal impact on the environment and your budget. They offer a few different boats and also have the option to customize your eco craft.

9. Wooden Electric Boat by Frank Stephenson of McLaren

McLaren is a well-known name in the automotive industry, and their lead designer Frank Stephenson built this stunning wooden electric boat for his own personal use. Unfortunately this boat isn’t on the market, but it shows the level of craftsmanship we may see on the water in the near future. 

10. Edorado 7S

The goal of the Edorado 7S is to be the Tesla of the boating industry. This innovative boat uses an all-electric system as well as hydrofoils, which are blades that project into the water. This design reduces drag, making the boat ride more efficiently and smoothly. Not only does Edorado strive to be the most innovative motorboat, but they also strive to be one of the most affordable.

11. Jaguar V20E

Jaguar is known for their luxury vehicles, and they recently designed an electric boat that hit speeds over 88.62mph. It’s a small but mighty boat not yet available to consumers. What makes this boat unique is that it uses many similar designs to the Formula E, their electric car series.

12. Canadian Electric Boat Company

The Canadian Electric Boat Company offers a lasting warranty and the latest innovations. They use BMWi batteries to power their boats. With only the latest in efficient design, this is a solid choice of electric boats.

13. Symphony Boat Company

Symphony offers unique, custom-built electric boats. They aim to offer customers a competitively priced electric boat built to their specifications. These are sleek and stunning electric boats for the true lover of aquatic craftsmanship.

14. Duffy

Duffy is a name that has been popular in the electric boat industry for a long time. Timeless designs are what attract customers to this brand, which is now offering the latest in electric boat technologies. Duffy offers a stylish electric boat so you can feel good about protecting the environment so you can enjoy your eco aquatic lifestyle.

Have you taken a ride in an electric boat? Let me know in the comments below!

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