7 Plastic Free And Eco Friendly Toothpaste Options

By Christianne Wittbrodt

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Toothpaste is an essential part of our daily lives. We start our day with brushing our teeth and end it the same way. Each brand of toothpaste is advertised as having the best ingredients for your dental hygiene, but how good are they for the environment? Ingredients like SLS, sodium lauryl sulfate, can contribute to water pollution once it is washed down the drain. The toothpaste tube itself also contributes to the landfill due to the fact that it cannot be recycled. In order to keep your pearly whites healthy while still having the environment in mind, here are seven alternative toothpaste tabs and gels to add to your arsenal!

Toothpaste tabs do an excellent job at cutting out the excess waste that is attributed to normal toothpaste tubes. These five options will surely pique your interest.

Toothpaste Tablets

1. Chewpaste- A plastic-free toothpaste in tab form

Image by Chewpaste

Chewpaste prides itself on being entirely plastic free inside and out. Each ingredient has been carefully curated including SLS-A which provides the foam associated with SLS without the negative impacts of the foaming agent. This natural vanilla and mint flavored toothpaste tab includes Canadian glacial clay which has anti-bacterial benefits to keep your mouth fresh and healthy. You can purchase one to six jars at a time; each jar equates to a month’s supply for one person. Chewpaste also has a variety of other packages and eco-friendly products including bamboo toothbrushes!

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2. NakedCompany- Toothpaste tablets zero waste starter kit

Image by NakedCompany

This eco friendly toothpaste starter kit sold on Etsy provides you with a two month supply of toothpaste tabs (available with or without fluoride), a reusable swab, and a bamboo toothbrush. It’s clear by the highly rated reviews that this kit is a perfect place to start for those looking to reduce their waste in a new way. One alluring statistic that NakedCompany highlights is that one packet of toothpaste tablets keeps four toothpaste tubes out of the landfills! NakedCompany’s affordable prices and applaudable mission to reduce plastic waste makes purchasing their starter kit almost irresistible!

Check out NakedCompany

3. Chewtab- Toothpaste tablets

chewtab toothpaste
Image by Chewtab

This gentle whitening toothpaste comes in 60 chewable tablets, which is a perfect amount to last you for an entire month. These tablets are held in a glass jar in order to further the fight against the widespread use of plastic packaging. If you’re worried that toothpaste tablets won’t give you that clean mouth feel, fear not! Several customer reviews highlight how these tablets provide a thorough clean that leaves their mouths feeling minty and fresh. Chewtabs are vegan and SLS free!

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4. Change Toothpaste- Zero-waste toothpaste tablets

Change toothpaste
Image by Change Toothpaste

 Change toothpaste is a brand dedicated to making something as small as brushing your teeth more eco-friendly and sustainable. Made with natural ingredients, these tablets are a safe way to protect your teeth while also protecting the planet. If you are curious about each ingredient, Change Toothpaste explains what each ingredient is, what it does, and where it originates. If you don’t want the standard spearmint flavor, you can also pick from others such as cinnamon and bubblegum. Each pouch is entirely compostable and it gets sent to you in a 100% recyclable mailer. From the production of the tablets to the way it gets shipped to your door, Change Toothpaste is a wonderful business from which to purchase toothpaste that is a friend to the planet!

Check out Change Toothpaste

5. Bite Toothpaste Bits

Bite toothpaste
Image by Bite

Bite Toothpaste Bits prides itself on being as good for you as it is for the environment. Using only vegan friendly ingredients, these tablets are a surefire way to “keep your teeth healthy and our oceans clean.” You can sign up to receive a 248 count of Bite Bits in a refillable glass jar that will ship every four months. Bite also offers other eco-friendly dental care products like whitening gel and dental floss which both adhere to their admirable goal of being a zero waste company.

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Toothpaste Gels

If you’re not entirely ready to transition to toothpaste tabs, it’s okay! Here are a couple of options that still maintain the goal of being more environmentally friendly.

6. Noice- Zero-waste toothpaste

Image by Noice

The first non-tablet toothpaste on this list is Noice charcoal toothpaste. This natural charcoal toothpaste ditched the traditional tube in favor of a glass bottle with a reusable pump for issuing out this all natural toothpaste. Just four natural ingredients make up this paste: charcoal, liquorice, botanical oils, and plant-based glycerin. While it may take up to half a millennium for a regular toothpaste tube to decompose, Noice’s glass bottles are a lot less taxing on the environment. One bottle even lasts up to three months!

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7. Davids toothpaste

What really makes Davids toothpaste stand out is its packaging! Since traditional toothpaste tubes are unrecyclable, this company decided to try out an all metal tube instead. Not only is the metal 100% recyclable, but so is the cardboard box it gets shipped in. This fluoride and SLS free will help your teeth feel clean while simultaneously ensuring that the planet does not feel any adverse effects from the product. Davids is proud to be vegan and cruelty-free as well! This is an excellent option if you prefer a toothpaste tube to chewable tablets.

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Living a sustainable life can be challenging. Everything we use in daily life contains plastics or other harmful materials that pose a threat to our environment. While there is major reform needed on a big scale for the world to be more eco-friendly, taking a step as small as trying out a new toothpaste can help make a difference. Not only is it a healthier option for you, but you’ll know that you’re part of the change that needs to happen.

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Christianne is a graduate student at San Diego State University studying sustainability who received her bachelor’s degree in the same field of study. She has worked closely with accredited professors to evaluate real world sustainability issues in hopes of learning from them and identifying sustainable solutions. Her love for the outdoors has fueled her passion to ensure that a brighter future is possible!

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