8 Eco Friendly Sunglasses for a Brighter Future

Here comes the sun!

Sustainability can play a part in every decision we make, from what we eat or use to how we travel and what we wear. And the shorter the product’s shelf life, the more important it is to choose an eco-friendly option that makes a minimal impact on the environment when you’re done with it.

With summer and sunny days on the horizon, now is a good time to consider one of the most important warm-weather essentials: your sunglasses. If you’re like me, you love to have a few pairs of sunglasses in your closet at any given time to match your mood and your outfit. Recently I’ve been choosing to buy fewer, higher quality sunglasses to fulfill my commitment to sustainable living.

Personally I try to avoid buying clothes and accessories made out of virgin plastic or recycled plastic, so if I’m looking for a new pair of sunglasses I seek out pairs made out of wood, bamboo, metal, and natural materials that are better for the planet.

Here’s a quick look at seven of my most favorite eco friendly sunglasses brands that are helping to make the world a brighter place by creating more sustainable shade.

Here are my 8 Favorite Eco Friendly Sunglasses!

Panda Bamboo Sunglasses

Sustainable bamboo sunglasses by WearPanda

With a name like Panda, you can probably guess their sunglasses frames are made with natural bamboo. The brand’s founders were tired of cheap plastic frames, so they reinvented what they thought sunglasses should be.

After a successful Kickstarter launch in 2012, the company continues to focus on bamboo as their material of choice. It grows quickly, requires fewer resources, takes up less space, and is much safer for the environment.

Check out Panda Sunglasses

Grown Eyewear Wood Sunglasses

In addition to being made out of wood, Grown sustainable sunglasses come with another purpose: for every pair sold, they’re offering sight-restoring eye surgery or eye exams for children. They embody their name to the fullest and take care to redistribute their profits in a meaningful way.

Check out Grown Eyewear

Shwood Eyewear Bamboo Sunglasses

Known as the “original wood sunglasses,” Shwood offers an entire collection of sunglasses made from bamboo. To date, they’ve pioneered 15 new materials in the sunglasses industry, each one eco-friendly and as unique as anything you’d find in nature. Their goal is to give every wearer a sense of individuality without disrupting the planet.

Check out Shwood Eyewear – I love the Kennedy Round and the Bailey Round Sunglasses

Swell Vision Bamboo Sunglasses

Swell Vision offers an impressive line of handcrafted, eco friendly sunglasses and watches sourced from bamboo that grows faster than they harvest it. They also reinvest a sizable portion of their products into the Green School in Bali to shape eco-conscious leaders of the future.

Check out Swell Vision

Topheads Eyewear

If you truly want your eco-friendly sunglasses to stand out, consider grabbing your next pair of glasses from Topheads. Their collection is among the most unique of all the eco friendly sunglasses brands, offering shades made from bamboo, natural wood, or recycled skateboard decks.

Check out Topheads Eyewear

Woodwear Bamboo Sunglasses

One of bamboo’s biggest benefits aside from sustainability is its ultralight weight that feels comfortable on your face. Woodwear’s wood frame sunglasses are also highly durable to ensure they last a long time.

Check out Woodwear

LaBante London

LaBante London focuses on their environmental impact and ethical standards in everything they do. Their line of vegan sunglasses is made in factories that prioritize health, worker’s rights, and environmental stewardship. Aside from their sunglasses made from sustainable materials, they’re also a maker of bags using plastic that’s been spun into yarn.

Check out LaBante London

PORTRAIT Eyewear Inspired by Art

PORTRAIT Eyewear makes beautiful handcrafted eyewear inspired by art. Their eyewear is made by skilled artisans in Italy and meant to last for many years.

Check out PORTRAIT Eyewear and Get €50 off using code SEQUESTRIAN10

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