9 Amazing Eco Friendly Gifts for Him

Finding eco-friendly gifts for guys is no easy task- I totally get it! I always want to find gifts that he will love and use that is also sustainable. This goes for every special guy in my life! I know when I am searching for eco friendly gifts for him, I always need ideas. Which is why this year I decided to write out my top gifts for men — and of course I had to share. 

If you’re in the same boat, keep reading to see all my favorite eco friendly gifts for guys!



Here’s my ultimate guide to eco friendly gifts for him!

Hockey Stick BBQ Set

This hockey stick BBQ set is the perfect gift for any hockey fan. Made from recycled hockey pucks and stainless steel, this BBQ set is a dream present. 

Each set comes with a spatula, fork, can opener and tongs that look amazing. If he likes to cook at the grill, then chances are that he will love this BBQ set.

Something that is really special about this gift set is that each one is unique- no two sets are made the same! 

Check out the hockey stick BBQ set

Tumbling Composter

This gift is one of the most popular eco-friendly gifts for guys. For someone like your dad that likes to garden, then this composer is an excellent gift idea! 

Traditional compost bins require a lot of physical labor to mix the compost by hand. It’s hard work that can get smelly pretty quickly- which is why this tumble composter is one of the best on the market! 

Not only is it easy to use, but the design also makes the work of creating your own compost the perfect gift for beginners. With 8 chambers and a super-efficient design, this bin takes the work out of composting to give you the best soil for your garden.

Check out the tumbling composter

Biodegradable Golf Tees

Know an avid golfer? Interested in an eco friendly gift for him? Then look no further than these biodegradable golf tees

Made from Bamboo, these top tier golf tees won’t stay behind planet earth for the next couple hundred years like a traditional tee. In addition, their natural wood lacquer will make anyone using them look like a true professional. They make great stocking stuffers!

What will really make him excited over this gift? These tees are actually PGA Professional Approved & Conform to USGA Regulations- that means the pros use these!

Check out the golf tees

Boho Style Bamboo Watch

I showed this watched to several of my guy friends before I added it to my list and they all agreed- this watch is the perfect eco-friendly gift for guys!

This handmade wristwatch is made from bamboo wood and green hemp band, making the look extra stylish all year round. The natural look of these sustainable materials will help any guy on your gift list look and feel put together. This Boho style watch will complete any outfit. 

The best part? For each watch purchased, a tree is planted!

Check out the bamboo watch

Vegan Shaving Set

This natural, vegan shaving set is the perfect eco friendly gift for him this holiday season. Complete with hydrating shaving cream and mist, this is the perfect gift for any man hoping to reduce his carbon footprint but still get a nice shave. 

This shave set is the perfect gift for him as it is designed for all skin types to soothe the skin before, during, and after a close shave. With the ingredients being organic and vegan, you can feel good about this purchase too.

Check out the shaving set

Rustic Cable Organizer

Help clear his mental space with this gift! This cable organizer is eco friendly and made of mango wood to hide wires, surge protectors, and power strips. It also comes in different colors.

As soon as I saw this cord organizer, I knew that it had to be added to the list. It’s so great and SO needed for so many men, not to mention myself! This rustic cable organizer is the perfect solution for endless cords all over the office, home, or around the TV. 

Check out the cable organizer

House of Marley Bluetooth Speaker

Okay, I know I have talked about this before, but you cannot go wrong with a bluetooth speaker as a gift for guys at the Holidays. Whenever I have to buy an eco-friendly gift for a guy, a bluetooth speaker like the House of Marley’s bluetooth speaker is my go to.

I found this speaker and I am obsessed. It has awesome sound and is made using eco friendly material like a bamboo wooded front and a specially designed fabric made from hemp, cotton, and plastic bottles. 

Everyone can find a way to use a bluetooth speaker- even that super hard to shop for guy that your roommate is sort of dating.

Check out the bluetooth speaker

YETI Rambler

Everyone needs a YETI Rambler- don’t you think? So of course I had to add it to my favorite eco friendly gifts for him list. Not only will he use it a lot, but he will keep a lot of trash out of the landfills when he uses it!

YETI Rambler is a high-quality tumbler made to keep your drink at the right temperature. With its double insulated walls and magnetic lid, this tumbler will keep his beer cold and his coffee hot.

Check out the yeti rambler

Climate Positive Notebook

I LOVE these notebooks – not only are they beautiful, but they are also the world’s first climate-positive journal! They are actually made out of leftover stone, so no trees are cut down to make them.

The paper is super smooth, waterproof and doesn’t tear. The notebooks come in a bunch of great colors that guys will love, and you can also choose from blank, lined, or dotted paper.

Check out the notebook and get 10% off using code LAURELCHRISTINE10

Finding the right eco friendly gift for him can be difficult, but it’s not impossible! There are plenty of resources to help you find the perfect gifts for men in your life that won’t contribute to the landfills. Thanks to sites like Etsy, it’s easier than ever to find the right eco friendly gift for guys. 

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