2022 Father’s Day Gift Guide: Best Eco Friendly Gifts for Dads

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To-go coffee cup

 Eco-Friendly coffee beans 

Reusable water bottle

BBQ set 

Bamboo sunglasses

Noise-canceling headphones

Wool Coat

Tumbling composter

Set of gardening tools

Conscious Step socks

Swim trunks

Organic cotton robe

Portable solar power bank 

Regenerative organic cotton t-shirt

Merino wool t-shirt

Organic hemp t-shirt

Organic cotton long sleeve shirt

With Father’s Day just around the corner, you may be looking for last-minute gift ideas for your Dad. If your dad is anything like mine, it may be a challenge to find unique gifts for him. I can only give my dad so many golf balls, and I used to get him books, but now he has a kindle, and digital books just aren’t that exciting to open. Have you also given your dad a lot of the typical Father’s Day gifts in the past (socks, anyone?)

Since I shifted my career into sustainability over the past couple of years, my dad has also become a lot more aware of the effects that products we buy have on the environment, so he appreciates an eco-friendly gift. If you dad loves the outdoors or enjoys making things, he will probably also appreciate receiving a more sustainable gift made with thought and care for the planet.

This year can be different! Here are some of my favorite eco friendly gifts for dads that I think your father will love too!

Here is my guide to unique and eco friendly gifts for dads!

Eco Friendly Gifts For the Dad Who Loves His Morning Brew

Coffee is a daily staple for so many dads. My dad didn’t drink coffee for most of his life, but now that he’s retired he loves to have a cup of decaf and read a book every morning.

I’m always careful about the type of coffee I buy because many types of coffee contribute to the destruction of bird and wildlife habitats, or the farms don’t take good care of their workers.

Get your dad an eco-friendly to-go coffee cup so he can bring his coffee with him to work or other places with style. You could also get him coffee beans that have been grown using socially and environmentally-responsible methods. Every time your dad brews his morning coffee, he’ll think of you!

Whether or not your dad is a coffee drinker, he could probably use a little help staying hydrated. By buying your dad a reusable water bottle, you’re already encouraging him to be less wasteful. Take it one step further and buy a water bottle that’s sustainably-made and BPA-free like this one from Tree Tribe. Getting your dad a water bottle also shows him how much you care about his health.

Eco Friendly Gifts For the Dad Who Can’t Get Enough of the Outdoors

If your dad loves to handle the food at summer barbeques and cookouts, Father’s Day is the perfect time to help him improve his grill game. Every grill master needs the right tools! This BBQ set is made out of reclaimed hockey sticks so your dad can look hip and eco-conscious while operating the grill.

Another way your dad might enjoy spending time outdoors is gardening. There are few things more eco-conscious than gardening! This is my dad’s favorite hobby, he spends much of his day outside tending to the garden. This awesome tumbling composter is the perfect way for your dad to make his own compost and help his garden thrive. It’s easy to assemble and easy to use. Also a great gift idea for any chef dads out there who have a lot of food waste to dispose of.

Another perfect gift for dads is a set of gardening tools. These heavy-duty tools with storage organizers are sturdy and the attention to detail is beautiful. They will hold up to all your dad’s gardening needs!

Eco Friendly Gifts For the Dad Who Could Use a Wardrobe Upgrade

Stylish gifts for dad are a classic. If you’ve noticed your dad has been wearing a lot of holey socks recently, he’d probably appreciate some brand-new, high-quality socks. Conscious Step socks are some of the best sustainable gifts out there! The socks are so cozy and made from organic cotton and non-toxic dyes.
The best part? Each pair of Conscious Step socks is designed for a cause, like planting trees or protecting the oceans. You can choose a fun pattern and a cause that your dad cares about.

They also come in a variety of patterns, so you can find some that match your dad’s personal style.

Check out Conscious Step socks and get 20% off using code LAUREL20

Another thing your dad could probably use a new pair of is swim trunks! Whether your dad has a big vacation plan planned this summer or he loves spending time at the local beach, he should have a pair of brand-new swim trunks. Many men’s swimsuits are low-quality, cheaply-made clothing (not to mention bad for the environment).

However, Outerknown prioritizes sustainability and quality in crafting their fantastic men’s swim trunks. Their swim trunks are available in virtually every style and color.

If your dad is spending any time outdoors this summer, he’s going to need a pair of quality sunglasses to protect him from the sun’s UV rays. Many sunglasses are made from plastic that will someday end up in the landfill, but there are also quality bamboo sunglasses that will offer your dad protection, keep him stylish, and show off his focus on sustainability.

T-Shirts are always a great go-to gift for guys. A few of my favorites are Patagonia’s regenerative organic cotton tees, Icebreaker merino wool t-shirts, the 100% organic hemp t-shirt from Rawganique, and the organic cotton long sleeve shirt from Pact.

If the dad on your list lives in a cooler climate, this sustainably sourced wool jacket from The North Face might be the perfect gift.

Dads do so much for us! If you think your dad could use something extra special to make him feel comfortable and cared for, consider these organic cotton robes. These are the softest, plushest, most luxurious robes out there—and they are made from organic cotton so your dad can feel good about wearing one. Sustainability has never felt so comfortable!

Eco Friendly Gifts For the Tech-Savvy Dad

Many dads are quick adopters of the latest technology and love using innovative gadgets. This can make it hard to find a tech gift that they don’t already have, but here are some creative ideas!

Whether your dad likes listening to music, podcasts, or audiobooks, a pair of earbuds is essential. These noise-canceling headphones with a microphone will allow your dad to experience supreme sound quality. They are made from the finest FSC-certified wood and recyclable aluminum.

Unlike other headphones that are uncomfortable, these will fit your dad’s ears comfortably. These are also an excellent option for your dad to use while Facetiming his kids!

Tech-savvy dads who love the outdoors want to take the coolest gadgets with them at all times. This portable solar power bank is a great way for your dad to keep his phone charged at all times, even when he’s camping, fishing, or hiking. This eco-friendly gift is compact and easy to use. It’s compatible with several generations of the iPhone and Samsung Galaxy phones.

Eco Friendly Gifts For the Dad Who Would Rather Have Experiences than Things

Who says eco friendly Father’s Day gifts must be expensive? Some of the best sustainable gifts are DIY presents. Why not make your dad his favorite meal or a delicious batch of chocolate chip cookies? Your dad will appreciate the time you put into cooking for him, and he’ll enjoy eating some of his favorites.

If you’re willing to spend a little more but would still rather give your dad an experience over a wrapped gift, you’ve got plenty of options! Take him out to his favorite restaurant—just make sure you book the reservation now before it’s too late. You could also get him concert tickets for the next time his favorite band is in town. If you also get a ticket for yourself, your dad will definitely appreciate the extra quality time with you.

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