Eco Friendly Cotton Swabs for Sustainable Beauty

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When I look at heartbreaking phenomena like the Great Pacific Garbage Patch, my first thought is how in the world something like this could have happened. But when I start thinking about my own habits and how much trash I produce every day, then multiply that by seven billion, it becomes abundantly clear.

Fortunately, though, making small swaps to sustainable items can shrink your carbon footprint daily. One of those swaps you can make to create a more sustainable beauty routine is to use eco-friendly cotton or reusable swabs for your ears and makeup instead of single use plastic q-tips.

These are my top picks for eco friendly cotton swabs, non-plastic and reusable q-tips.



Eco Friendly Cotton Swabs and Q Tips

LastObject’s LastSwab

LastObject is a company whose sole mission is to produce the “last” of a product you’ll ever buy. In other words, they create reusable products to replace items you’d typically dispose of every time you use them.

LastSwab is the brand’s reusable swab. The soft tip is both comfortable and easy to wash and reuse. LastObject even offers two models: the LastSwab Basic for general use and the LastSwab Beauty with a tipped point for cosmetic applications.

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The Humble Co. Biodegradable Cotton Swabs

The Humble Co. has taken a similar approach to the other environmentally friendly cotton swab. The cotton in a swab is already biodegradable, so the company switched the stick from plastic to bamboo to make the entire Q-Tip biodegradable.

Bamboo isn’t just biodegradable, though. It’s also a particularly eco-friendly wood. Bamboo trees grow far more quickly than other tree breeds, so using the wood doesn’t contribute to deforestation.

Check out the biodegradable cotton swabs

Choosing Eco-Friendly Cotton Swabs

If you want to be gentler to the planet, you don’t have to give up your favorite health and beauty products. Thanks to the growing sustainable design movement, there are plenty of alternatives like the eco friendly cotton swabs above.

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