7 Plastic Free and Eco-Friendly Beach Towels for a Sustainable Summer

I’m always on the lookout for soft, beautiful, eco-friendly beach towels to enjoy long days in the sun here in Hawai’i. So many beach towels are made from plastic, which is terrible for the environment and for your health. Definitely don’t want to be leaving plastic fibers on the beach or in the ocean for marine life to come across!

Here are my top picks for stylish, high-quality, and eco-friendly beach towels for your home or your next trip!

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The Problems with Traditional Beach Towels

Depending on the towel you use, there are several potential ways your beach towel could be expanding your carbon footprint.

One problem is plastic. Synthetic fabrics like polyester almost always contain some amount of plastic fibers.

Every time you wash your towel, some of those fibers break off and get into the water. They eventually reach the ocean, where they cause problems for wildlife.

Manufacturing that plastic also requires a lot of energy usage and fossil fuels, which damage the environment as well.

Unfortunately, beach towels with natural fibers don’t solve the entire problem. Unless the natural fibers are organic, the farmers are using pesticides and other chemicals to produce the fabric. That adds more chemicals to the environment, which can disturb our delicate ecosystems.

My 7 Favorite Brands to Shop for Eco-Friendly Beach Towels

eco-friendly beach towels from House no. 23

Turkish Towels from House No. 23

Turkish towels are known as being staples for any luxury home, and you can take that luxury to the beach with you. All the while, you’ll have a clear conscience knowing you’re protecting the planet.

The Turkish beach towels from House No. 23 are made from 100% organic cotton. Not only does that make them biodegradable, but it means you’re avoiding any added pesticides or other harmful chemicals.

These eco-friendly beach towels are surprisingly helpful for your health, too. The organic beach towels made to be quick drying, so they’re less likely to harbor dangerous mold and bacteria. They come in various sizes and beautiful bright colors.

Check out the Turkish Towels

Slowtide Beach Towels

Slowtide is a company started by friends from the beach-heavy shores of California and Hawaii, and it shows. The business’s goal is to create decorative towels and other textiles that beach-goers love, all while using sustainable practices.

The brand has several eco-friendly beach towels to choose from in such fun patterns, as well as Turkish towels. Some products are made with cotton, which is grown in an entirely sustainable and safe manner.

While the brand does offer some polyester options, those products use recycled plastic instead of newly-produced plastic. This cuts down on the use of fossil fuels and on the energy-heavy plastic production process.

Check out Slowtide Towels

MINNA Beach Towels

MINNA is a home goods brand that goes beyond having compassion for the planet. They infuse their process with compassion for people, as well.

MINNA’s products are made using sustainable, natural materials and processes. Just as importantly, though, the products are made by ethically-hired artisans throughout the world. They can set their own wages and maintain their work-life balance.

MINNA eco-friendly beach towels are no exception.  All the towels are made with 100% cotton, so they’re easy for the planet to break down and use in the future. They’re also hand-woven by skilled artisans in Guatemala.

Check out MINNA Beach Towels on Madetrade

MINNA eco-friendly beach towels

Snowe Beach Towels

As a brand, Snowe is all about luxury. They believe in giving everyone the ability to feel pampered while also having practical, function furnishings. Those goals are clear in their beach towels.

Snowe eco-friendly beach towels are made with natural cotton and are sustainably crafted in beautiful Portugal. While the cotton makes the towels biodegradable, the brand’s high quality will also keep your towels in great shape for years to come. This reduces waste so you can enjoy more beach time with less stress.

Check out Snowe Beach Towels and get $35 off using this link!

Beach Towels from Sand Cloud

Sand Cloud’s towels are meant for beach-lovers, even if you only have the opportunity to be a beach buff a few times each year. The next time you hit the shores, try their Turkish cotton beach towels.

 These towels have all the popular advantages of Turkish cotton. The material is natural, so it’s more eco-friendly than synthetic fabrics that contain plastic. This particular towel is also thin enough to stash in your beach bag or to use as a wrap or sarong.

To top it all off, though, Sand Cloud has made it their mission to help clean up the oceans. 10% of your purchase’s profits will be donated to marine conservation.

Check out Sand Cloud Beach Towels

Club Kokomo Quick-Dry Eco Beach Towel

Club Kokomo’s quick-dry eco beach towel is a powerful ally in the goal of conserving our planet because it combines several eco-friendly measures. To start, the towel itself is made from certified organic cotton.

Second, Club Kokomo packages and ships the towels exclusively in recycled paper packaging. They cut out plastic from the process altogether.

Finally, the brand donates 5% of the profits from each purchase to the Marine Conservation Society. You’ll know your money is supporting environmental efforts while supporting a company that makes this a priority.

Check out Club Kokomo Beach Towels

Delilah Home Organic Cotton Beach Towels

Swimsuit, sunglasses, sunscreen? Check. Fabulous, 100% organic cotton beach towel? Delilah Home has got you.

As beautiful as they are functional, the Delilah Home Sunset beach towels and organic pool and spa towels are generous in size and available in fun tropical colors with a touch of flirty fringe on the ends. These towels roll up and tuck into any beach bag or backpack—the perfect accessory for any adventure.

You’ll make a fashion statement on the sand or by the lake, and you’ll relax knowing these towels are good for the environment, too. Their towels start with long-staple, 100% Turkish cotton spun into fine yarns and then loomed into long, 2-ply, double loops, resulting in an absorbent, fluffy pile that looks and feels like luxury.

Their Turkish cotton is certified to the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) so you can feel good while lounging on their beach towels.

Check out Delilah Home Sunset beach towels and organic pool and spa towels

Organic cotton beach towel from Delilah Home

Taking More Eco-Friendly Trips to the Beach

A beach day can be a fantastic way to relax and enjoy everything nature has to offer. By making choices like using more sustainable beach towels and sustainable swimwear, you can protect those beaches and oceans for everyone else to enjoy for generations, too.

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