What is Biophilic Design?

The word “biophilia” is an ancient Greek term used to describe a person’s love for nature. This passion has carried forward into home interior and exterior design. Coined as biophilic design, this unique art form uses natural elements to inspire nature in living spaces.

I love having pieces of nature surround me, whether I’m in my homeexploring a new city, or playing outdoors. I feel more connected and balanced with the ground beneath my feet, and more in tune with myself, too. I’ve been working on bringing biophilic design into my home and it makes me so happy!

But precisely what is biophilic design, and how is it used? Here’s a closer look at the practice and its powerful benefits on physical and mental well-being.

What is Biophilic Design?

In a time where the majority of us spend up to 90% of every day indoors, biophilic design has never been more of a necessity. Biophilic design brings elements of the natural world into spaces where otherwise, the only living beings would be the humans inhabiting these spaces.

Nature empowers and inspires us. It can boost our productivity and give us energy. Most importantly, it contributes to a greater sense of self and well-being.

The Benefits of Incorporating Biophilic Design into Your Favorite Spaces

Biophilic design takes many forms, some of which are obvious (such as a tree growing amid an atrium or using natural materials,) while others are more subtle. Regardless of the design elements themselves you can expect many of the same benefits.

Biophilia Brings Happiness and Energy to Living Spaces

By its very nature, biophilic design brings us back to our roots in the simplest ways. It thrives on minimalism, yet offers abundance. Studies show that minimalistic designs and natural light in interior spaces can help improve feelings of stress and chaos, stimulate creativity, and increase our general mental health and well-being.

It Creates a Sense of Peace and Calmness

People who are “at one” with nature are known to be grounded. They feel at peace and enjoy a greater sense of self. They forget about stressing over the little things and seek answers within themselves, which also creates peace from within. For many, biophilic design is an effective way to achieve zen and balance.

It Engages All of Our Senses

When you’re spending one on one time with nature, all of your senses participate. You can taste the salty sea air, feel the cool breeze, and hear the birds sing. You can see the beautiful wonders around you and smell flowers in bloom. These elements speak to us in different ways, but each serves to remind us what it means to feel alive.

Biophilia Goes Beyond Plants

Though greenery plays a vital role, biophilic design isn’t just about bringing plants and flowers into a room. It’s more of a way of fusing the natural environment with our human-made lives in a way that reconnects us with the outside world. This can take many forms, from using natural textures like wood, stone, or sand to hanging pictures of nature on the walls.

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