4 Delicious and Biodegradable Straws from Equo

Sun’s out, buns out!

It’s HOT here in California, so we’ve been enjoying some lounge chair time on the back deck. My sister Katherine is the beverage expert, and I of course bring the sustainable straws. I love Equo’s new line of 100% biodegradable straws. They’re perfect for picnics and pool parties.

What I like the most is that there are four different types, so you can choose whether you want a straw with an aroma or an unscented straw. Some of them are even edible! The straws are available online now – the compostable straw concept is so popular that they reached their funding goal within two days of launching. They’ve also been adding limited edition sets for holidays and special occasions.

Katherine’s next challenge is to mix up drinks using each type of straw, I’ll keep you posted on how she does and what we come up with!



The Problem with Single-Use Plastic Drinking Straws

The statistics about plastic straws are astounding. It’s estimated that Americans use 500 million straws EVERY DAY. About 7.5 million plastic straws currently pollute U.S. shorelines, and the number of straws in the oceans around the world is in the millions or even billions. It takes 200 years for every straw to decompose, and they can’t be recycled. Meanwhile, they get eaten by animals, trash beaches and rivers, and break up into smaller pieces that end up in our food and water.

Although some cities and countries are starting to ban single use plastics, there is still a long way to go to eliminate plastic straws from the planet.

As individuals, it may not seem like we can make much difference, but what you buy and use actually does matter. I say this all the time, vote with your dollars. Companies produce what’s in demand, so if consumer demand shifts away from single use plastics, so will manufacturing.

Restaurants that use straws simply want to use what’s cheapest and easiest, so if manufacturing eco-friendly straws gets cheaper through increases in volume, they’ll make the switch.

Besides, you’ll be helping keep beaches clean and turtles alive and healthy with every plastic straw you don’t use.

What About Reusable Drinking Straws?

Many companies have been coming out with reusable metal, glass, and silicone straws recently. I’ve also noticed that coffee and juice shops have started to use paper or bamboo straws. Over the past few years I’ve always packed a metal straw when I travel, but have found them to be difficult to clean. Plus I always forget to clean them each day.

Paper straws are actually not recyclable or biodegradable, and they always get soggy really fast. Also, manufacturing paper is extremely damaging to the environment, and produces 80% more greenhouse gases than plastic manufacturing.

Bamboo straws don’t taste good, are the hardest to clean and can’t even go in your dishwasher. They also collect bacteria and mildew if not completely clean and dry.

Having a reusable straw ready and available in your purse is better than using a plastic straw, but still not ideal.

Why I like Equo’s Biodegradable Straws

Enter Equo.

Equo has just launched four types of 100% compostable and biodegradable straws. Unlike other straws, they don’t require cleaning, they don’t get soggy in your drink, and they taste good. They are all flavorless, but some do have a nice aroma. Packing a box of these straws will also be super easy for traveling. I love that Equo has even thought about people’s odd straw behaviours – are you a straw chewer, choose the rice straw. Boba lover? Go with the extra wide sugarcane straw.

All the plants for the straws are sourced from small farming communities in Asia that support sustainable farming and community support.

Below are the four types of straws available from Equo. After trying them all, my favorites for poolside drinks are the coconut and sugarcane, and I love that the rice straws can be cooked after use!

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