Best Eco-Friendly Gifts: Sustainable Gift Guide

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Time for this year’s roundup of the best eco-friendly gifts !

I love picking out the perfect gifts for all my friends and family. While it can seem overwhelming to make sustainability a priority when buying gifts, it doesn’t have to be difficult. Every year more brands are embracing sustainable design and creating new, beautifully made products. And I always have a lot of luck searching for gifts on Etsy, where I know I’m supporting a small business owner.

My favorite part about eco-friendly gifts is they always come with a great story about the people who made them, how they were made, and the positive impact they are having on the planet. 

Whether you want to encourage someone to begin a new sustainable lifestyle or grab a gift for the veteran recycler, I have rounded up gift ideas for everyone on your list. Check out all my other gift guides for even more ideas!

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The Best Eco-Friendly Gifts

1. Lab-Grown Diamonds from Clean Origin

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Okay, if you don’t know about these diamonds yet, they will blow your mind! Clear Origin has made these amazing diamonds in a lab to keep diamonds sparkling as well as environmentally conscious. This approach keeps your gift 100% ethical and pure. Check out my full review of Clean Origin diamonds to learn more about why I love them. 

Whether you are looking for a custom engagement ring, a beautiful tennis bracelet, or a new pair of earrings, you have to check out these lab-grown diamonds! Apart from their origin, every diamond sold by this company is certified true diamond. 

Buying a lab-grown diamond will not only be the perfect present this holiday season, but it will remove the destructive mining and muddled ethics that a traditional diamond can bring.

2. Zero Waste Refillable Hair and Body Care Set from Plaine Products 

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This starter kit is perfect for anyone looking to reduce waste and stay clean this holiday season. The zero waste refillable hair and body care set from Plaine Products will change your shower routine forever. 

This company’s motto is Refill, Reuse, Rejoice and, with this starter kit, you do just that! Their 100% vegan hair and body products are the best quality to keep your body happy all winter long. 

The best part? When you are low they will send you more- but only if you mail back the empty bottle to be recycled to help reduce waste. How cool is that? 

3. Zero Waste Starter Kit by ZeroWasteMVMT

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Looking for a gift for someone hoping to begin their plastic-free journey? It can be difficult to find just the right item to encourage them, which is what makes this Zero Waste Starter Kit from this small business, ZeroWasteMVMT even better. 

This kit is the perfect way to introduce someone into a more eco-conscious lifestyle. Complete with beeswax, produce bags, sisal soap bag and more, this kit is one of my favorites. 

An added bonus? A tree is planted with every purchase!

4. The Power of Lo-TEK Book by Julia Watson


If you are looking for a gift for someone seriously into the idea of a culture based on low-waste and self sustainability, then I cannot recommend this book more. The book ‘The Power of Lo-TEK’ by Julia Watson explores a global exploration of a nature-based technology. 

Complete with beautifully illustrated diagrams, photographs, and interesting talking points, dive deep into how the world works on a natural scale to perform astounding feats daily.

5. Sunglasses from The Ocean Cleanup

shop The Ocean Cleanup

These sunglasses are awesome, making them the perfect gift for everyone on your list this year (maybe even a pair for you). 

The Ocean CleanUp has created the first product made from plastic from the great pacific garbage patch. The best part? They look great. These sunglasses were made by Yves Behar and made in Italy by Safilio, so you know that the quality is there. 

Not only will anyone look stylish in these glasses, but each purchase helps rid the oceans of plastic. If that’s not a great present, then I don’t know what is. 

6. Aerogarden Harvest System


Last Christmas I bought one of these Aerogarden Harvest systems for my parents and, I have to tell you, it was the hit of the holidays. I also have one in my kitchen that I use every day!

The AeroGarden is super cool! It comes with a gourmet herb seed pod kit, so you can grow your own basil, thyme, curly parsley, mint, and dill. If you want to try some other things, though, you can in a dirt-free environment all year long! This countertop system will let you grow herbs, flowers, veggies, and greens all year long. 

7. Plant Based Weighted Blanket from Bearaby


If you have someone on your gift list this year that hasn’t gotten on the weighted blanket trend, then this is the year to help them out. By now, we all know the benefits of a weighted blanket (helps calm nerve endings, relax anxiety, and stop restless leg syndrome), but the big issue with them is that they can trap in the heat. Luckily, Bearaby has found a solution! 

Made with eucalyptus fibers, this super soft and sustainable cooling weighted blanket is the perfect gift. You can choose between 15,20, or 25 pounds and it comes in 5 gorgeous colors.

8. Woolen Scarf by Bloom & Give


This gorgeous scarf is a great gift for anyone hoping to receive sustainable gifts that are timeless. I love the look of this light, airy scarf that is hand-loomed merino wool. The color and stripes are timeless, so whoever you give this scarf to will be able to stay trendy for years to come. 

My favorite part about this gift is that the company donates half of their profits to help girls continue their education in India. The goal from Made Trade is to invest not only in individuals, but to communities to help everyone thrive.

How cool is it that a simple purchase like this scarf can help them with that goal?

Happy Gifting!

There are so many options when buying gifts this holiday season that can also be sustainable! Whether you are hoping to gift some new sunglasses, a weighted blanket made from plants, or a diamond ring, you can find the right gift that can support an eco-friendly lifestyle. 

So tell me- what did I miss? What sustainable gift would you add to the list?

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