13+ Unique and Eco Friendly Mother’s Day Gifts

I can’t believe it’s already May!

My mom always says she only wants to spend time with me for Mother’s Day, but I always get her a little something anyway.

Holidays are notorious for creating waste, with most households generating 25% more trash compared to an average day. But that doesn’t mean it’s impossible to go green and still celebrate. Mother’s Day is just around the corner, and I’ve got you covered with my favorite eco-friendly mother’s day gifts. Since Father’s Day is also coming up soon, I’ve put together a gift guide for dads as well.



Here is my guide to eco-friendly Mother’s Day gifts!

For the Mom with a Green Thumb

Moms who love the outdoors and spending time tending a garden will appreciate a variety of spring bulbs that will brighten the yard. They’re an inexpensive way to add curb appeal and will become the gift that keeps on giving every time they bloom.

If you don’t want to wait for the magic to happen, consider visiting a local flower shop and getting a few pots of flowers that are at peak perfection. Mom can replant them in her own garden and think of you each time she looks at them.

For more garden inspiration, consider getting her a new bird feeder, an insect or butterfly house, or a gardening set that will fuel her green thumb.

For the Mom who Deserves to Relax

Studies show moms work the equivalent of 2.5 full time jobs — so she deserves to catch up on some R&R! One of my go-to eco-friendly Mother’s Day gifts is anything that can promote relaxation. An eco-friendly yoga matcotton robecozy socks, and essential oils can make any day feel like a day at the spa.

For a gift she’ll want to hold onto (literally!), consider a plant-based weighted blanket like the Tree Napper that can reduce stress, promote better sleep, and make her feel like she’s doing the environment a favor.

And don’t forget some delicious chocolate, no relaxation time would be complete without it!

For the Mom who Spends Time in the Kitchen

She might complain about spending too much time in the kitchen, but the moms who truly love to cook will appreciate eco-friendly Mother’s Day gifts that will spice up her passion.

I gave my mom an AeroGarden indoor herb garden for her kitchen and she loves it. I also have one that I use every day.. nothing like fresh herbs!

A larger indoor garden that I love is Gardyn’s hydroponic growing system. You can grow dozens of plants from lettuce to flowers, and it looks beautiful in your kitchen or dining area.

And my favorite new appliance is the ChefWave milk maker. If your mom is on the plant-based milk train, she will love it. You can make your own milk in minutes and know exactly what ingredients go into it. I love that I know that what’s in my milk is healthy, and the milk maker prevents the use and disposal of so much packaging.

These bamboo kitchen sets are gorgeous, one of my favorite eco-friendly gifts on Etsy.

Reusable grocery bags or produce bags are excellent options to ditch plastic bags from the store. A cookbook for her favorite type of cuisine will help inspire delicious meals year-round (which could also be a gift to you!). A lovely linen apron is always a great gift choice. And for storing all the leftovers, consider glass snapware to replace any plastic food containers. Or, opt for beeswax food wraps to take the place of single-use plastic wrap for sandwiches and bowl covers.

For the Most Stylish Mom on the Block

The fashionista mom wants to look stunning for every occasion, but that doesn’t mean she needs something different for every outfit. A spring shawl from an eco-friendly brand will instantly become one of the most versatile pieces in her wardrobe that will dress up just about any ensemble (bonus points if you get her a coordinating spring top!). Look for one made from organic cotton, bamboo, or cashmere. I looove this woolen scarf by Bloom & Give.

For sunny days, a straw hat adds instant beach appeal to an outfit and can be useful for gardening or playing outside.

Or, splurge on an eco-friendly, sparking lab-grown diamond!

For the Fit Mom

If your mom loves to stay active at the gym or outdoors, there are so many great eco-friendly fitness gift options. You could get her a plastic free yoga mat and other yoga gear like a mat bag and yoga blocks, a new pair of sneakers or running shoes, some plastic-free and organic hiking boots, or a cute new workout outfit! I also love these biodegradable hair ties for workouts.

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