We grow sustainable brands through the power of collaboration and storytelling.

Taking brands to the next level with scroll-stopping content and future-thinking business strategies that reach target audiences & drive lasting results.

Elevating and empowering sustainable brands to reach their full potential through creative marketing and business strategies.

Laurel Tincher is a pioneering business consultant and marketer, specializing in launching and scaling successful climate tech and consumer goods companies and telling compelling stories about impactful brands through cross-platform multimedia.

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In addition to working with clients, Laurel has built a loyal following across six social platforms, her blog and newsletter.

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Our team has a wide breadth of experience working with leading-edge brands in ocean tech, fashion, food, blockchain, events, film, finance, and more.


We approach every project with a forward-thinking, global lens, creating sustainable business models and profitable results built to last. 

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We’ve had the pleasure of working for and with leading brands: SoFi, Allbirds, Clean Origin, Grove Collaborative, and many more.


Blue Frontiers, a leading marine infrastructure development company, hired Laurel to lead their marketing and sustainability initiatives. She created a comprehensive marketing strategy that resulted in 100% growth in followers across 15 platforms in six months and earned them features in over 300 stories across major media outlets, reaching 1.4 billion viewers in the first half of 2018.

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Laurel’s work with SoFi helped them to spearhead their entry into both sustainable investing and cryptocurrencies. She wrote more than 125 articles to help educate their readers on ESG and impact investing, emerging industries, alternative investments and personal finance. Through her content, Laurel was able to provide valuable insights into the world of investing and give readers the information they needed to make informed decisions. 

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Laurel founded a fashion brand that aimed to empower all genders by reinventing a classic symbol of masculinity through handcrafted neckwear. To generate awareness, she used organic digital marketing strategies, produced four branded events, five photoshoots, and one fashion film. 

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As Co-Founder of Pull To Refresh, Laurel helped to grow a team of international volunteers who worked together to design an ocean-based carbon removal solution and deploy two prototypes in under a year. She also led business development efforts for the brand.

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People love working with us!
Nobody compares to Laurel with regard to professionalism, honesty, reliability, and being a source of calm and clarity in difficult situations. Most crucial to me is that she has the integrity to be honest in difficult situations caused by others when it would be safer for her professionally to remain quiet and avoid the issue. I value that tremendously and rarely see it in others. I can rely on her.
-Joe Quirk
The Seasteading Institute
Those pics are awesome! Glad they worked out so well :))
It was a pleasure collaborating with Laurel and the creatives were gorgeous!
-Divine Derriere
Thank you so much!! Your blog post looks great and I love the pictures as well. We appreciate you taking the time to put something of such quality together. Thanks again! We really appreciate it.
- AMA Sea Beauty


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I think it’s safe to say that I am a woman of many passions. 

Born and raised in a small town in Silicon Valley, California, I grew up surrounded by both innovation and nature. That culture, combined with my family’s passion for craftsmanship and the arts, gave root to my thirst for variety and creativity.

I started a fashion brand in 2014 and after working in the industry for five years, I could no longer ignore the vast amounts of waste and unsustainable practices perpetuated by the industry. 

I made the decision to pivot my career into sustainability and then to go back to school to become better informed about challenges and solutions to solving climate change. Over the past decade I have also worked as a Co-Founder and Executive on a wide range of projects, including sustainable floating cities, new materials, a gourmet food truck, immersive event production, blockchain projects, and more.

I’ve been lucky enough to collaborate with an incredible range of creatives and brands thus far. With over a decade of experience as a creative producer, content creator, consultant, and entrepreneur, I’ve been given the opportunity to tell beautiful stories and shift cultural paradigms.

I look forward to continuing to open up conversations about the future, design, sustainability, wellness, and culture.

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